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Festive Baking - Croissants

Reposting this old post for the Bake Fest. Enjoy!

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Virtual Festive Party - Bake Fest #38

The world of blogosphere works on the same principles like the real world in many ways. You make friends, you share joys and sorrows, you connect and you celebrate! Even in this virtual world we make ways to share the joy of good food, the aroma of our kitchen through virtual events. Such events not only bring strangers closer, but also makes us familiar with new and appetising recipes. So let's welcome one such yummy event - Bake Fest!

Started by Vardhini of Cook's Joy and a dear friend, this series has been running successfully and now is in the 38th edition. I'm sure with the festive season here with Xmas and New Year, there's going to be lots of yummy baking in your kitchen. So simply share it here, for a great party!

The event runs from 1st December to 31st December. The rules of entries are: Dec 1st - Dec 31st.
1. Send in any recipe that has been baked / broiled.
2. Only vegetarian or vegan recipes please. I normally accept eggs in baking and hence eggs are allowed.
3. Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
4. Link to this post and Vardhini's Bake Fest announcement page. 
5. If sending an old entry, it needs to be re-published with the links.
6. You can send in any number of new entries and a maximum of 2 old entries.

If facing a problem in posting, then mail me at - anamika.arun@gmail.com. Looking forward to some yummy treats! Happy Baking!!

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Souqs, Sea and Skyline: Doha - Travel Diary

“Round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.” Tolkein

I had it all planned. And then “Life” happened.

That should be the summary of my life. But no, not in a sad, remorseful way. But in a beautiful reflective way. Only when we embrace the unexpected, we experience anew. And this is exactly what happened to me last week. A sudden trip to Doha. As guests of Qatar Tourism Authority.

It was a mundane day. Rather a bad day. A day when you are home sick, brought to extremes by your little kids. When you think, nothing is right. Yes one of those days, which every mommy can relate so very well. And then I saw this e-mail, in my inbox. To quote, “I am contacting you on behalf of Qatar Tourism Authority. We are very inspired and impressed by your blog, and would like to invite you for a trip to Qatar on the occasion of the Qatar Summer Festival 2014
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A crowd pleaser - Paneer Makhni

 The beautiful garden of the resort was glistening with the golden lighting. The drinks were getting mixed flamboyantly, the pretty ladies were elegantly showing off their solitaires and the music was trying to find its audience. As the party was getting warmed up, the sublime quietness couldn't be mistaken.

At that very precise moment, she entered. Dressed to kill, in that bold yet so sophisticated red dress. The white stilettos, added not just height, but lot of grace and poise to the demure beauty. Many pairs of eyes turned quickly to greet, while others preferred to show ignorance; while making a mental note to know her in person. 
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Flavours of Africa: Tribes – A Restaurant Review

Dubai is surely a foodie's delight with its excellent culinary offerings. The modern cityscape, is generously dotted with some of the best restaurants, of a wide range of cuis­ines. Having recently moved to this cultural melting pot, I was eagerly looking forward to get on a delicious joyride. And being a food lover and a blogger, the reasons were many. One such good reason came in the form of an invite, to review an African restaurant called Tribes. 

Tribesa casual dining restaurant, opened about 4 years ago in the fashion dome of Mall of the Emirates. Its uniqueness is stamped in its African influence. It offers a cultural and culinary experience, inspired by the varied flavours of Africa and its diverse tribes. Bit unsure of my expectations from the place. Yet excited to do the taste testing, I chose my sea­food loving, photographer friend, as my companion for the evening. 

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Celebrating photoshoot with baked custard

Life is fun when interesting things happen. When pre conceived notions and apprehensions are left behind, to enjoy the new. Last week I too crossed one such mental hurdle. Of being in front of the camera. 

Now like most of us, I too have lots of opinions (mostly negative) of the way I look, specially in pictures. My relationship with camera works better, when Im behind it. Though my friends and family have complimented me many times, on being photogenic or looking good in my pictures, yet I always gave credit to their faithful love for me, than anything else. So when I won this opportunity to be a model for "Mandy Toh's" portrait shoot, I amazed myself by taking it up! Yes life needs challenges.
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Healthy Lunchbox ideas - A Guest Post

You know its morning, when the mind is sleeping and the eyes are struggling to stay awake. When there's no desire stronger than getting under the cosy duvet, and shutting the world for few extra minutes. Alas, that would not be so, since its the school time for the kiddo. So wake up 'mumma' and pack a healthy, tasty lunchbox for your dearest. 

If you are still enjoying a life without kids, then please skip the post, as you hit the snooze button for the nth time. But if not, then I'm sure you got hooked by the title of the post itself. Like a sponge, every mom tries to get as much info on what to feed their picky eater. How to get some healthy and nutritious food into the little tummies. And yes it got to be quick too, since we are talking about lunchboxes, which gets packed in the wee hours of the morning...and not some lavish brunches, made for the weekend.
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Travel Diaries - Sri Lanka Part 1

View of Kandy from the hotel

A fast life has the unique ability to tire you out. The routine of the life ruled by the arms of the clock, and governed by the demands of mood swinging kids, can kick boredom in your face. So much so, that you want to just need to move out of your air conditioned surroundings and plush interiors to be in real city, where fresh air is the norm and not the synthetic one. Where you are not judged by your clothes, but your smile. Rather not judged at all. Aah what a dream!

Yes every few months, we human beings too need to visit the "service centre" to 'recharge' ourselves. And for me this break was oveeeer - due, since the last I heard this sacred word was even before my 2nd pregnancy. And in 10 days, the baby is going to be two...so you can do the calculations!!
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Home Bakers Challenge - Umm Ali

Hopping from one home baker's challenge to another. Wow! I'm on a roll. Rather not. It simply means another month passed where the multi tasking mum had to keep her creative indulgences at bay, while the toddler and the school goer took over. 

The tiny baby has entered the troublesome twosome phase even before she hits her two. Yes and also has taken to a routine, which doesn't suit anyone, especially not me. And that's by dropping her daytime naps. Yes that very prized hour or two of peace and solace that I look forward to even before the day begins. She's hyper actively living on 10 hours of sleep at night and doesn't feel any need to rest all through the day. Yes we sing rhymes, we color (the walls more than the papers), we go for walks, we watch 'Peppa Pig', we pretend to play, while creating a mess, we eat something yummy (everything going inside the mouth is yummy, even water and bread).....and then we get exhausted. Ohh did I forget to mention, that mama tries to finish the endless chores in between..yes just tries to. 

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