Some days can only be celebrated with chocolate - Chocolate Fudge cake with ganache

January 15, 2013 9 comments

“If there's no chocolate in Heaven, I'm not going.” 

I'm sure a world without chocolate is no fun, its a world where fairy tales are not read, where Santa Claus doesn't visit, its a world where raindrops are not its a not a world where I want to be. After all a life without chocolate would be so sweet blah! And yes while we all need some spice in life, its a alice of a yummy chocolate cake that we celebrate life with!

Though I'm a chocoholic in capital letter, yet I don't really have a sweet tooth. Quite an oxymoron, right? Strange but fact its my son, who's inherited the sweet tooth. And I'm forever fighting hard to make him switch to the savory side. But then only if parenthood was that easy...sigh. In fact, he would have his way he would eat through his life with a jar of nutella...which surely is not what any mommy wants.

What's in your picnic basket - Egg Mustard Mayo Wrap

January 03, 2013 11 comments
As I try to type this, I draw a blank...after all before I even get to wish you guys "Happy New Year", we are already 3 days into it. Is time flying so past or am I living in some trance..Yes last I remember sharing with you all about the arrival of my baby gal. And now in another week she would be all of six months. Time surely flies!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - "Go ahead and make it memorable and tasty"

In this last few months, I'm guilty of disappearing more than I met you all over here. Guilty of not sharing some tasty treats with you all, of not wishing you on the festive occasions, of not visiting your blogs and of so much more. But then I trust you all to understand the life of a mom of a newborn. Add a hyper kid in the picture and you have the perfect recipe of a forever busy

A time when you learn the value of unhindered sleep, a time when you learn what a quick shower or power nap really means. A time when you really get to know the word multitasking, a time when you eat while feeding the baby or watch movies with 100 breaks....I can simply go on and on...but then it all becomes so trivial when you see a face so innocent, a smile so precious and an expression so priceless..that you just want the time to stand still...alas life betrays and that moment goes and your baby grows. So I'm trying to live every moment of my baby's life to the fullest...

Kuch meetha ho jaye - Choco Chips and Walnut Blondies

September 22, 2012 9 comments

The true joy of a sweet moment calls for sharing, the happiness of it can only be relished when shared with all your loved ones. So however delayed this post may be, but it surely is a heartfelt one. To invite each one of you to be part of my moment of joy, the start of another beautiful journey.

Yes, it was the lovely addition of a baby girl, to complete my family :). My little princess entered the world on 10th of July and we aptly named her - VANYA, meaning "gift of god". Now you all know the reason for my absence from the blog and the social network for all this while. The little on along with older sibling - Aarul were enough to keep me busy night and day.

Gourmet Seven - Test of patience with Gulnar Seekh Kabab

July 06, 2012 9 comments

In recent times, all my plans have been put to rest. And even if I try to awaken them, they change their color and forms, so suddenly that I fail to recognize them. Yes its one of those phases of life, which has made blogging a luxury, photography an indulgence and creating something new a rare occasion...well you will soon now why! 
The most recent plan that was altered was this trial for the Gourmet Seven group's kabab based theme. I wanted to attempt making "dahi kabab" but alas that requires a little more patience than I had, so yes another plan that needed alteration. What sounded simple like getting a great texture of curd, was well not all that easy in the heat of Bahrain...but then there's always a  next time time. Till then I remembered my unposted recipe of a great veg kabab, picked from Nita Mehta's cookbook. So here's that version of kabab with masoor dal, which really tastes meaty and yummy. The name "gulnar' in fact refers to its "melt in your mouth" texture which it surely is.

Gourmet Seven - Spinach & Corn Quiche

June 08, 2012 11 comments

Another month, another theme, another interesting recipe to share. Yes its the time the Gourmet Seven members come together to create and blog their version of a gourmet theme. And for this month it was the time to try our hands at pies and tarts.

Though I had attempted quite a few tarts before, yet it was one of my favorite dish that I had not shared here, which is quiche. So this was just the perfect chance for me to attempt another recipe of quiche and to share with you all. Quiche is a variant of the tart itself with a golden crust and a nice savory filling, but the difference lies in the custard that tops it, that makes it creamy and rich at the same time.